About Dr. Boyd

A practicing medical oncologist since 1993, Dr. Boyd founded the Integrative Medicine Program at Greenwich Hospital-Yale Health Systems in 1998. He is also Director of Nutritional Oncology, Assistant Clinical Professor, the Director of Curriculum in Nutrition, and the Director of Curriculum of Integrative Medicine at Yale School of Medicine, an affiliate member of the Yale Cancer Center in Connecticut.

Dr. Boyd is a pioneer in the field of integrative cancer care, with a targeted focus on nutritional support for cancer patents. Incorporating emergent, evidence-based medical oncology with cancer-specific nutritional counseling, he combines comprehensive support for the healing process. Dr. Boyd is the founding president of the Integrative Cancer Care Research Foundation and a board member of Environment and Human Health, Inc., a nonprofit organization made up of physicians and public health professionals dedicated to the purpose of protecting health from environmental harms.

You can learn more by visiting his webpage at www.drbarryboyd.com.

And be sure to ‘like’ Dr. Boyd’s Facebook page, follow him on Twitter, and join his LinkedIn network.


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